Our Company

LMSC was founded in 2005 as medium for current students and recent graduates looking to get their first experience in the media.

Since then we have grown to one of the biggest community media service providers in WA specialising in events, corporate & sports production.

Every week, LMSC crew broadcast, produce and record upwards of 2,000 minutes of live video across the metro area.

Whether it be multi-camera OB productions, or simple event day recording, LMSC provide a full scope of services to the local community.

We are a ground breaking enterprise, the first company to provide free online broadcast productions of National Basketball League games, Super League Volleyball, International Hockey Matches in Australia, Super Rugby matches in  Australia, the Australian National Judo Championships, the State Swimming Championships and Perth Waterski Night Jump events and the first to group to produce and broadcast Australian Women's football.

Add to that our long list of TV productions, makes LMSC by far and award the most versatile and most experienced community production company in WA.

Having been at the forefront of the new medium - online broadcasting - we have almost a decades worth of experience in online streaming. We are the experts in live streaming in Perth.

We are award winning claiming several accolades for our work including 2 x WNBL media winners, and WA Football Media Award winners.

Today LMSC has a dedicated team of video and TV production professionals offering the local community media services that had previously been beyond their reach.

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