Perth Video Broadcast Equipment & Capabilities

Local Media SC currently has a significant stock of production equipment that in comparative terms makes us one of the biggest production companies in Perth.
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Our most valued and significant kit is our Outside Broadcasting trailer.
This unit was self manufactured and designed in house.

It provides a 12 camera channel 2 M/E HD-SDI mixer, multi-channel ISO instant replay, 24 channels of audio, multi-format output, 3 internal air conditioning units and comfortable seating across 11 separate work stations.

The unit operates with extreme flexibility, being able to be powered via industrial 3phase or normal 10amp standard power.
8 of the 11 work stations are interchangeable giving crew members the ability operator multiple functions across the trailer, allowing the unit to be operatored with just 3 crew members for low end productions.
As a trailer, it is also much more maneuverable that a semi-rig or truck.

Camera trains can also be mounted on the trailer roof in circumstances where raised areas are unavailable.

Behind the scenes

Camera- We currently operate 8 differing production camera models
  • Sony PMW-700
  • Sony PMW-350
  • Sony EX 1
  • Sony EX 3
  • Sony HVR-Z7
  • Sony HVR-Z5
  • Sony HVR-Z1
  • Sony HVR-V1
  • Sony HVR-HD1000
  • Sony HVR-A1
  • Canon 5D

Sound - Five differing professional audio brands
  • Senheiser shotgun mics
  • Rode boom mics
  • Sony shotgun mics
  • Senheiser wireless lapel systems
  • Azden wireless lapel systems
  • Sony wireless lapel systems
  • Senheiser & Behringer wireless handheld mics
  • Azden portable feild mixers
  • Behringer studio audio desk mixers
  • Senheiser wireless headphone systems
  • Senheiser & Sony studo headphones
  • AudioTechnica broadcast headsets
  • 2 x Datavideo Crew Communitcations/Intercom systems

Outside Broadcasting & Studio Production
  • Datavideo 4 channel SD vision mixers
  • Roland 5 channel SD vision mixer
  • Tricaster Pro 4 channel SD Production system
  • Tricaster Studio 6 channel SD production system
  • Blackmagic Design ATEM 2 16 channel HD production mixer

Tripods, Supports, Cranes & Rigs
  • Miller, Libec & Sony Tripods
  • Libec Dollies
  • SteadyTracker Camera Stabilisers
  • CobraCrane 12ft Camer Jib
  • Woland Steadicam System
  • Various matte box and lense supports

  • Sony VTRs
  • Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Studios
  • Datavideo CF recorders
  • Sony CF recorders
  • Atomos Ninjas
  • Sony DVD recorders

Production Equipment
  • Datavideo & Blackmagic Design format converters
  • Datavideo TBCs
  • Krama & Datavideo Distribution Ampilfiers
  • Datavideo range extenders
  • Lowel production lighting systems
  • Various SDI cables 10 to 100 meter lengths
  • Various Component & Composite cables 5 to 40 meter lengths
  • Various DV cables 5 to 20 meter lengths
  • Various XRL cables 2 to 40 meter lengths
  • Various studio and field & display monitors 7' to 55'